Peter Spacey (Moniker for Omer Luz) - Digital artist, Electronic Music Producer/Dj, and space Lover.

His works explore the relations between audio elements and

visual aesthetics.


Utilizing frequencies across the wide spectrum - audible, visible, or frequencies that vibrate in space and time.

Active worldwide as an electronic artist for more than a decade as an: In-studio producer, playing live on stage and in festivals as a performer/Dj, and in galleries and art events -

creating audio-visual experiences, exhibitions, and installations based on technology


His music placed as a soundtrack heavily in the film / commercial and gaming industry (HBO, Porsche, Samsung, Converse, Honda, Playstation...)

and accompanies international major events (Zing Music Award, R6 European league, Shift, Greece's Next Top Model).

Recently Spacey was invited to be a featured artist

and collaborate in a Mitsubishi advert music video

that showcasing the new collection of cars.


exploring creativity via multidisciplinary art forms and consider 

a contributor authority to the worldwide electronic scene.

Full Music Catalogue, 

Cosmic Drive In - Peter Spacey
Video Beat Tape - VHS Mockup
Morning Haze - Peter Spacey
Spacey Beats 4 Scratch - Peter Spacey
Spacey Video Beat Tape - Peter Spacey - VHS Cassetes
Bass To The Future - Peter Spacey
Meat The Beat - Peter Spacey
Spacey Video Beat Tape - Artlist Graphic Art
Spacey Video Beat Tape - Peter Spacey - VHS Cassetes
Tech Knowledge - Peter Spacey

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