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Peter Spacey - Tel-Aviv-based Digital Artist, Electronic Producer

& Space Lover - Omer Luz.

His works explore the relations between audio elements and visual aesthetics throughout technology.
Utilizing frequencies that vibrate in space and time.


You can find Spacey on stages, clubs, and festivals - performing live or Djing,

on TV screens and film industry as a soundtrack composer,

and in galleries, making exhibitions and art installations.

Spacey's musical compositions featured by Samsung, HBO, Vouge, Porsche, Adidas, PlayStation, New York Fashion Week, Miss Universe...
and works showcased at venues including the Tel-Aviv Museum Of Art, Soho House, Rome, London, and Shibuya (Japan)


Last year Spacey was invited to be a featured artist and collaborate in a Mitsubishi advert music-video series that showcasing the new collection of cars - WATCH -
and chosen to lead the campaign 'Converse Beat' Special Music x Fashion campaign.