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Peter Spacey - Plastic Mag -
It's Nothing (Something)

Peter Spacey - Plastic Mag - Cover - It'

In-Depth Spotlight Article
+ Interview on NOVA Music

Electric Hawk
On 'Morning Haze' Live Session

Omer Luz aka Peter Spacey: The Power of Personal Growth and Self-Expression in Creativity

The perspective as a creator, Getting into music,

The "inner Flame 🔥" and some tips and advices for creatives

Peter Spacey quote - Uhmi Article

Choke Beat Orchestra X Gridi
Performing 'Money' on the world's largest midi sequencer

'Tune In' - Showcase Festival


joining 'Coolooloosh' for the '10 years anniversary' Tour

Article by Haaretz


Sora Music Magazine

Sora Music - Shimer Live Session - Peter Spacey Article.jpg

Sakura Music Blog 
On Peter Spacey

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