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Spacey  AR  Exhibition

‘Spacey Video Beat Tape’ Exhibition is an Audio-Visual interactive experience

based on AR (Augmented Reality) technology. 

mixture of retro and future - VHS Cassettes triggering Augmented Reality musical Animations.  

The Mixture of art and technology creates a new playground for creative artists. 

A playground that provides new possibilities for cross-border collaborations between platforms and artforms. 

This combination takes the experience,

 both from the audience perspective and the creator's perspective to a new and deeper level. 

The power of art and technology empowers the creation possibilities,

characteristic wise and perfection wise.

Spacey A.R. Exhibition

Spacey A.R. Exhibition

Peter Spacey is the stage name of the Tel-Aviv based Music Producer, beatmaker/DJ, Omer Luz
His works explore the relations

between audio elements and visual aesthetics.

Inspired by GIF art made by artists from all around the world (from LA to Japan),

he composed and produced a beat tape of 8 instrumental beats -

the ׳Spacey Video Beat Tape׳ 

Peter Spacey - AR exhibition.jpg

Spacey A.R Exhibition is empowered by "OMA" Creative Agency, and using Artivive app Technology