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About Spacey
Omer Luz aka Peter Spacey - Studio Time - Photo By Lior Alon2.JPG

Omer Luz, better known as Peter Spacey, is an award-winning digital artist, and electronic music producer.
His creations explore the relations between audio elements & visual aesthetics throughout technology.

Crafting frequencies that resonate across time and space.



  • Spacey's music has graced TV screens, films, commercials, and games, with features by HBO, Porsche, Vogue, Samsung, Playstation, Honda, Adidas, and more.

  • His soundtracks have set the tone for international events like the New York Fashion Week, Zing Music Award, DMC World Championship, Miss Universe...

  • Collaborations as a featured artist include major campaigns like the Mitsubishi music-video series
    (Watch Here) and the global 'Converse Beat' Music x Fashion campaign.

  • 'Textures' collection of audio-visual digital works. have been showcased at prestigious venues like 'Soho House', 'Tel-Aviv Museum Of Art', 'The Holy Art Gallery' in London, Rome, and Neo Shibuya Screens in Japan. 

Despite his roots in traditional jazz as a trained keyboardist, Spacey has always had a penchant for electronic music and Djing. Over a decade, he's honed his DJ skills, using the turntable both as a musical instrument
and a pr
oduction tool.

  • In 2018, he unveiled the 'Spacey Video Beat Tape', an audiovisual odyssey inspired by GIFs. This project, released via Inchpersecond, saw collaborations with global GIF artists and was uniquely released
    on a limited VHS cassette edition. To celebrate, Spacey curated an Augmented Reality exhibition,
    immersing attendees in the album's audio-visual experience.

  • 2019 saw the release of 'Spacey Beats 4 Scratch', a beat tape birthed from Spacey's love for turntablism and 8-bit synthesis. Recognized as a turntable authority, he also imparts his knowledge through masterclasses
    at the ‘Rimon School of Music’, a Berklee affiliate in Tel Aviv among others.


Spacey is part of the ‘ Original’ team, a premier music licensing platform, as an in-house producer.
His unique sound has led to the creation of over ten albums for the platform, which met with significant acclaim.

He's also a proud member of the 'Beatclub' community, a blockchain-backed platform
founded by Timbaland, which brings together elite artists and music producers.

Over the past years, Spacey has shared the stage with luminaries like Masego, Mad Zach, Anomalie, and more.



In 2023, Peter Spacey directed and produced the music video for his original song "Summer Kite", featuring singer Loren Noyman. The video garnered significant recognition and accolades in the film and music industries.

Awards & Honors for "Summer Kite" Music Video:

  • Best Music Video at the Los Angeles Cinematography AWARDS (LACA).

  • Finalist in the monthly competition of the Cannes World Film Festival in May 2023.

  • Official Selection at ARFF Paris International Awards.

  • Best Music Video at the Brighton International Film Festival (UK).

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