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About Spacey
Spacey's Music

Peter Spacey - Tel-Aviv-based Digital Artist, Electronic Producer & Space Lover - Omer Luz.

His works explore the relations between audio elements and visual aesthetics throughout technology.
Utilizing frequencies across the wide spectrum - audible, visible, or frequencies that vibrate in space and time.


You can find spacey on stages, clubs, and festivals - performing live or Djing, on TV screens and film industry as a soundtrack composer, and in galleries, making exhibitions and art installations.

His music is placed as a soundtrack heavily in the film/commercial and gaming industry (HBO, Porsche, vogue, Samsung, Playstation, Honda...) and accompanies international major events (Zing Music Award, DMC World Championship, New York Fashion Week, Miss Universe...).

Spacey was invited to collaborate in major campaigns as a featured artist, among them -  Mitsubishi advert music-video series that showcasing the new collection of cars

WATCH -, and 'Converse Beat' Special Music x Fashion worldwide campaign.

Recently Spacey Launched an NFT Collection of Audio-Visual - Digital Works

The collection took part in various exhibitions, and galleries, among them, are 'Soho House', 'Tel Aviv Museum Of Art', 'The Holy Art Gallery' (London) & Neo Shibuya Screens (Japan).    

exhibited alongside major artists such as Bored Ape Yacht Club (CryptoPunks) 
Thomas Paquet - Eduardo Kac and more.


-------- -------- --------


Although coming from a traditional jazz background as a trained keyboard player, He spent his free time mastering his turntablism and DJ skills and considered a Turntable authority, Using the turntable as a musical instrument and as a production tool for more than a decade.

In May 2018 he releases his first beat tape - Spacey Video Beat Tape Via the label Inchpersecond.

An audiovisual journey of music Inspired by GIFs, collaborating gif artists from all around the globe with Lofi Spacey beats.

The video beat tape released on a Super Rare Limited physical Edition of VHS Cassette (📼 !!)  
for the 'Spacey Video Beat tape' Album Release Party, Spacey Created an A.R. exhibition (Augmented Reality) - an Audio-Visual interactive exhibition based on A.R Technology, where the audience can get the full Audio-Visual experience of the album, watch and listen to the album via a smartphone app.


in May 2019 Spacey released his 2nd Beat tape - 'Spacey Beats 4 Scratch'

a collection of 6 beats, made from Spacey’s pure love for turntablism and 8bit synthesis.

Using the turntable as a musical instrument and as a production tool for more than a decade, 

He decided to produce the 'spacey beats 4 scratch collection.

Spacey considers a Turntable authority and conducts a Turntablism and Creative Djing Master Class on a regular basis at ‘Rimon School of music' - an institute/school that functions as a branch of Berklee in Tel Aviv, Israel.
'Spacey Beats 4 Scratch' is also av
ailable as an instrumental version via Tablebeats looper App. 

A practice looper tool used by the worldwide Skratch DJs, Lyricists & dancers community.

In 2019 Spacey joined the ‘ Original’ team as an in-house music producer.

Artlist is top a-quality music licensing platform that provides high-end music for the video-creators worldwide industry.

Peter Spacey was handpicked by the Artlist Original production team to top the catalog with his unique and mesmerizing sound.

Spacey produced over 10 albums for the catalog - all received with tremendous success on the platform.

Spacey is also part of 'Beatclub' community founded by Timbaland - a blockchain-backed community/platform of Elite Artists, music producers, songwriters, and recording artists.

Spacey's last years adventures included performing and Djing alongside major artists such as - Mad Zach, Anomalie, Masego, and more...

on these days spacey is working on his debut album "Nebula"  that gonna release during the next summer. 

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